City of Amity

The City of Amity is a charming rural Oregon town that offers local artisan shops, great restaurants, wine tasting, and plenty of home renovation opportunities. Amity is a place where friendships begin and where residents enjoy the simplicity of a relaxed lifestyle in small-town Oregon.

The town was established between 1848 and 1849 by Joseph and Ahio S. Watt, two brothers who had immigrated to Oregon over the Oregon TrailĀ  Part of Joseph’s land claim became the community’s townsite. The name “Amity” came from the name of a school that was built by two rival communities after the amicable settlement of a dispute. Ahio, the first teacher, named the school. Amity post office was established in 1852. Joseph established the first woolen mill in Oregon, and in 1868 shipped wheat to England in the first instance of Oregon wheat being sent around Cape Horn.The community was incorporated by the Oregon Legislative Assembly on October 19, 1880, originally as a town.

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Four home renovation ideas for your next project

Whether you’re in need of a fresh coat of paint or looking to spruce up the interior of your home, there are plenty of home renovation ideas you can take advantage of. These tips will help you to bring a new look to your home while also making it more comfortable.

Reupholstering furniture

Choosing to reupholster furniture can be a good way to update a piece of furniture. It can be a cheaper alternative to purchasing new furniture, and can even be an eco-friendly alternative.

Before you decide to reupholster your furniture, you will want to determine whether it is worth the time and money involved. This is especially important for family heirlooms. If the piece has sentimental value, you may want to consider buying new furniture instead.

Whether you’re reupholstering an older piece or a brand-new one, you will need to purchase new fabric and padding. This can be a daunting task, especially if you’re a beginner. Beginners may mess up their furniture very badly.

You may also need to repair rips in the fabric. If you don’t have the time or skill to do this yourself, you may want to consider bringing your furniture to a professional upholsterer. If the piece has a foundation issue, you may need to purchase new padding.

The amount of work involved in reupholstering a piece of furniture can be extensive. Even a small couch or loveseat may need to be replaced with new fabric. A large sectional may also need to be reupholstered.

While reupholstering furniture is a great way to update a piece, it can be a messy job. A professional re-upholsterer will use special tools and machines to ensure that your furniture looks great.

If you’re a beginner, you may want to start with smaller projects. If you don’t have the time, money, or skill to do reupholstering on your own, you can find upholstery companies that offer slipcovers.

When choosing an upholsterer, you will want to ask questions about the process, how long it will take, and the shop’s contact information. You may also want to consider getting quotes from several upholsterers before you make a final decision.

The costs of reupholstering furniture vary depending on the amount of damage and the size of the piece. A good rule of thumb is to invest in high-quality upholstered goods, which should last for years.

Renovating your kitchen

Changing your kitchen is a great way to make your wishes come true. You can make it more functional and improve the value of your home. But there are several things to consider. You should also be sure that you stay on budget.

The kitchen is probably one of the most important rooms in your home. This is where you spend most of your time. You should make sure that you make the right choice when it comes to remodeling.

You should also consider the benefits of remodeling. By changing your kitchen, you will be able to cook more meals at home and entertain guests. Plus, you will have a much more beautiful space. Whether you are remodeling your kitchen on a tight budget or looking for a luxurious upgrade, you can find inspiration with a kitchen renovation guide.

The kitchen is also the center of your home, and there is no better way to showcase your home’s best features than with a well-designed kitchen. The kitchen’s layout should fit your lifestyle and accommodate your family’s needs. If you have children, consider creating a snack counter or a homework area. You can also add a large table in the center of the room to accommodate family gatherings.

You should also consider updating the lighting in your kitchen. A well-designed lighting scheme can make a dull kitchen look bright and inviting.

While you’re at it, consider updating your cabinets, counters, and hardware. You can replace your old hardware with modern doorknobs and cabinet pullouts.

You should also consider updating your kitchen’s backsplash. This is one of the most used areas in your kitchen, and you should upgrade it to handle hot oil splashes. The backsplash is also one of the easiest ways to update your kitchen.

Finally, you should consider making your kitchen more energy efficient. This will reduce your utility bills. Fortunately, there are many energy-efficient appliances on the market, and they will help you save on your energy bill over the long term.

There are many ways to update your kitchen, but the easiest is probably replacing your old appliances with new models.

Renovating a basement area for a family room, office, home gym, or in-law suite

Depending on the type of use you are looking for, renovating a basement area for a family room, office, home gym, or in-law suite can be a great way to create additional living space in your home. You will be able to create a room that is warm, cozy, and functional.

Many homeowners choose to turn their basement into a multi-purpose space. This is often done by dividing the basement into smaller rooms. This allows you to create a family room, game room, home gym, office, laundry room, or even a bedroom.

You can also create a dedicated space for watching movies. You may need to install an egress window to allow for an emergency exit, and the HVAC system may need to be modified or upgraded.

You can also turn your basement into a guest suite. This can be a great way to make money. For example, you can rent out a small apartment on Airbnb or VRBO. You won’t be required to pay property taxes.

You can also create a game room in your basement. You can add a pool table, dart board, or even a rock-climbing wall. You can also include a reading nook. You can also include a small trampoline, fold-out mat, and slide.

A basement may also be converted into a studio apartment. This type of renovation may need a building permit and may be limited by local building codes. You may also need to add electricity and plumbing. You may have to install a sump drain to keep the floor dry.

You can also add a bathroom. You should install the wiring for your bathroom close to the existing electrical and plumbing. This can also be done by a professional electrician. You should consider getting a basement bathroom that is ADA accessible, especially if you plan on renting it out.

Finally, you may want to include a kitchen in your basement. This can help you make extra money and help you get more out of your basement. You can even rent out the kitchen to family members or friends.

Enhancing the natural light

Increasing the natural light during home renovation is a good move. It helps in many ways. It increases mood, enhances overall health and well-being, and cuts energy expenses. It is also good for the planet. Reducing the use of artificial lighting can decrease electrical costs and pollution.

One of the ways to increase natural light in your home is by using mirrors. Mirrors can reflect light and make a room appear larger than it really is. They can also be used to direct natural light into darker areas.

Another way to increase natural light is by painting walls with light colors. Light colors do not call attention to themselves and do not make a room look smaller. They are also a good choice for furniture and curtains. You can also add reflective glass fixtures to reflect the natural light in your room. You can also use metal surfaces in dark walls to create the illusion of more light.

Another way to increase natural light is to install picture windows. They break the monotony of enclosed spaces and make indoor spaces feel more lively. These windows can also be used to overlook a scenic location.

Another way to increase the natural light in your home is by replacing solid doors with glass doors. You can also paint walls with brighter paints. You can also use reflective tiles to reflect natural light in your room. You can also install a tubular daylighting device, which is a pipe lined with reflective materials. This device is installed between the roof and the ceiling and draws in a large amount of light. It also reduces heat penetration inside and screens infrared rays.

Adding natural light to your home is a good way to improve your health. It reduces energy expenses and pollution and increases the overall mood of your home. It is a simple, yet effective way to enhance your home. You can also install skylights, which are windows on the ceiling, to increase natural light. If you need help deciding how to add natural light to your home, you can call Plancarte Construction, a trusted company by realtors and homeowners.