City of Sheridan

Sheridan Oregon is a small farming community between Portland and the Oregon Coast, It’s 50 miles from Portland, but only 13 miles to McMinnville – which is quite a large city considering how far out into the country it is!

Oregon 18 is the main road that runs through Sheridan. Business 18 is the second. The business route connects to Willamina and runs through downtown, on the Yamhill River’s north side. Bridge Street is the bridge that connects the two ends of the city, across the Yamhill River. Oregon 18 connects Sheridan and McMinnville, which is also the county seat. It connects to 99W, which takes you to Tigard, Newberg, and the rest of the Portland metro area.  As you move closer to the mountains, you will be at the foothills of the coast range. Here, there is more timber and less open Willamette Valley soil.


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